Our Services

Green Circle Plant Nursery can assist with all your plant requirements. We provide free advice on plant selection and plant health.

Along with stocking sustainable and indigenous plants, we offer the following services:

Environmental Brochures

Free environmental brochures including Birds of Cardinia, Weed Guides and Indigenous Plants of Casey and Cardinia are available.


Cardinia Catchment Landcare Group Inc can help land owners plant indigenous plants purchased from Green Circle Plant Nursery on their properties.

Weed Identification

We offer assistance to home owners who need help with identifying weeds.

Collect a sample of the weed (including leaves and flowers, where possible) and bring it to us at the Nursery. We will do our best to identify it for you.

Bush Foods

Bush foods (bush tucker) are foods native to Australia that are used as sustenance by the indigenous peoples. We stock plants that can be harvested for bush tucker delicacies, such as wattle seeds, coprosma berries, vanilla lily tubers, and yam daisies.